Fat Dissolving

Targeted fat removal is now a possibility thanks to fat dissolving injections.


Is it permanent?

Yes! Provided you live a sensible balanced lifestyle you should expect permanent results.


How many treatments do I need and do I need to pay each time?

There will be good results after each treatment, some people are happy with just one treatment and some people may want two or three treatments for further fat loss in that area. The first treatment is chargeable at £490 for the first session followed by £360 for any subsequent treatments needed.


Does it hurt and what’s the downtime like?

The treatment itself is quick and virtually painless. Downtime may include some redness and bruising however the product I have chosen to train in and offer is one of the best in the industry due to the added Arnica Montana which helps reduce redness and bruising - this makes the product Celluform plus stand out from all the other fat dissolving brands out there. Downtime will also include swelling of the treated area but this is normal and expected to subside within a few weeks.


Which areas do you offer?

Currently  I offer Celluform treatment for double chin treatment. The results are extremely impressive, it also increases collagen formation which helps firm some loose skin around the area and define the jaw, this treatment can be used alongside future jaw filler definition treatment.

Before and after 1 treatment with Celluform


Before and after 2 treatments with Celluform


Before and after 3 treatments with Celluform