Terms and Conditions (Anti Wrinkle Packages)

In signing up for the direct debit for either the Botox Maxi, Mini or Basic packages you agree to the following conditions:

You agree:​

  • to pay the direct debit for a minimum period of 12 months

  • that a consultation will be needed to determine your suitability for anti wrinkle injections, if you are found not suitable a full refund will be given

  • if you miss any payments through insufficient funds, these payments will need to be paid up to date before the next scheduled treatment 

  • the decision of Dr Assal Tabatabai or her company representative in regard to this package offer or treatment is final

  • this agreement is governed by English law


The offer provides for treatment with non surgical anti wrinkle injections. The number of areas in the offer is 3 and the number of treatments per year are defined in the offer. The first treatment commences 3 months after you have signed up to the deal. Dr Assal reserves the right to choose the brand of anti wrinkle injectable used.  


If you cancel your direct debit:

  • You forfeit any rights to future treatment

  • You understand that no refunds will be given for any previous payments 

Dr Assal Tabatabai

London - Devon - Cornwall